Cracked Windshield? Two Tips To Help Get It Repaired On A Budget

Driving around with a cracked windshield an be quite dangerous. Not only could it impair your visibility, a crack can turn into a completely shattered windshield if you happen to hit a pothole too hard. If your windshield is cracked, you likely want to get it taken care of right away, but you also may be low on funds. Use this information to learn more about how to get your windshield replaced when you're on a budget.

Choose An Aftermarket Windshield

When you take your vehicle in to have the windshield replaced, always ask if aftermarket parts are available. An aftermarket windshield may be less expensive than an original equipment manufactured (OEM) part, and this could help you save money.

An aftermarket part is simply one that was not made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. This doesn't mean that there is a reduction in quality, since some aftermarket parts rival (OEM) in performance and durability.  

If you're worried about voiding your warranty because the windshield wasn't made by your car's manufacturer, you can rest easy. As long as the windshield doesn't cause damage to another part or your car, or in some way hinder the vehicle's performance, your warranty provider should still allow your warranty to stand.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Another method you can use to make windshield replacement more affordable involves your insurance company. If you have full coverage on your vehicle, you may be able to get your windshield replaced without having to cover the full cost.

You may be hesitant to contact your insurance company because you have a high deductible.  For example, if you have a $500 dollar comprehensive deductible, and your replacement technician advises you that your windshield will cost $300 dollars to replace, you may not see the value in filing a claim to have the work done.

However, your insurer may have a separate policy as it pertains to glass breakage that could cut the cost of replacement down quite a bit  If you don't regularly review the terms of your policy, you may not be aware of this special windshield clause and could end up paying more for windshield replacement than you have to. That's why you should always call your insurance company first to find out if they have a discounted deductible for windshield repair.

Getting your windshield replaced doesn't have to break the bank if you know what to do. When you need auto glass repair, use these tips so you can save money.